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Blueberry Bun Blueberry Bun
Blueberry Cake Blueberry Cake
Brown Bread Brown Bread
Brown Bread Stick Brown Bread Stick
Cheese Bun Cheese Bun
Chicken Burger Chicken Burger
Cho Chip Bread Cho Chip Bread
Coconut Bread Coconut Bread
Coffee Bun Coffee Bun
Corn Bread Corn Bread
Custard Filling Bun Custard Filling Bun
Doughnut Doughnut
French Loaf French Loaf
Garlic Bread Garlic Bread
Handmade Raisin Bread Handmade Raisin Bread
Hot Dog Hot Dog
Hot Pot Bread Hot Pot Bread
Macadamia Denish Macadamia Denish
Maxican Topping Bun Maxican Topping Bun
Milk Raisin Bun Milk Raisin Bun
Milky Bread Milky Bread
Pandan Bun Pandan Bun
New Pandan Bun New Pandan Bun
Pandan Tuna Bread Pandan Tuna Bread
Plaited Bread Plaited Bread
Raisin and Butter Bread Raisin and Butter Bread
Red Bean Bun Red Bean Bun
Rusk Rusk
Sandwich Bread Sandwich Bread
Spicy Balachun Bun Spicy Balachun Bun
Staff Chicken and Potato Slices Staff Chicken and Potato Slices
Bread and Butter Pudding Bread and Butter Pudding


Opening Hours

Shwe Pu Zun Cafeteria & Bakery House

Contact Information (Head Office)

  • No.79, 9th street, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
  • 95-1-222305, 227171, 211709.
    Fax : 95-1-227771
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